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Originally Posted by shelbyfv View Post
Traditionally, a double thickness of newspaper inside the jersey. Serves as a wind break. Discard when the temp warms up. Modern day, a piece of Tyvek folds smaller and can be reused even if it gets sweaty.
Shelbyfv - you should add that to the random tips thread !
LOL ! I went to tyvek about 10 yrs ago ! (FEDEX overnight envelop, sssshhh...) But I still use newspaper, if the day's getting warmer and I won't need to keep it after the initial part of the ride - then goes into the trash...
If I'm caught short and don;t have paper; depending where I'm riding, I can usually find a place (supermarket, gas station, etc) which has the racks for those free local papers/mags.
Also works great for the cloudy days when doing long climbs and then slip under jersey for Cold descents.
In this part of Cal, it's not uncommon to have a 40 deg. start and then sunny temps in the mid 60's - our Winter ! LOL!
usual kit for wide temp range. lycra skull cap - not always (head loses the most heat) Arm warmers, Heavier weight bibs (not thin summer bibs, shorts), I prefer leg warmers as opposed to knee warmers - knee warmers seem to bunch up behind the knee - for me... and cycling vest, mesh back (usually a Pearl Izumi). Full finger gloves
If I'm expecting it to be 40-ish to not over 60-ish - long sleeve jersey instead of SS, carry my summer light weight arm 'coolers' (they're lycra, white and thin) to put over if really blustery or cold. and a neck gaiter - material depending on expected conditions. Sometimes I will sub a cycling cap under helmet, instead of lycra skull cap.
I do have another jacket/shell for those rides when conditions are difficult... Pearl Izumi, has shell with a covered mesh back panel, and zip-off sleeves.
I believe they still sell their current version, called 'Barrier shell' w/zipoff sleeves... I use it a lot for mountain stuff, especially when xc-skiing in the sierras.
Not heavy, does vent well, good barrier against moisture, light.
Ride On
EDIT: reminded by poster - Steamer, above, that 'base layer' - is an automatic for me when under 70... weight of which will vary depending... I have a LOT of kit... LOL! no, it's not too much ! LOL!

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