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Originally Posted by blacknbluebikes View Post
This question concerns getting outdoor ride power meter data into my Strava activities.
Strava, for better or worse, has become my "consolidated" source of all my stats. I get my Zwift power meter data for inside rides, all good. But now I'm outside with a new power meter pedal (garmin rally) and I'd like to add that data, too. Strava isn't giving an estimate on when it will be able to process the pedal/bluetooth feed, so I think I'm left to find some kind of cross-load from, ah, well... not obvious what I can do, from where, and whether this will create "duplicate ride records" on the Strava side. How are you solving this consolidation question? Thanks.
The wahoo fitness app adds in power meters and hrm and such. Strava app does not.

I did that for a day or so waiting for a warranty return on my Bolt gps.
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