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Originally Posted by LifeNovice1 View Post
Seems like if I get a flat on the road it WOULD be a pretty big deal to me. Trying to remove a presta stem AND putting a tube in a tire not meant for it AND trying to get a tubeless tire to go back on.
Its not though .... Tubeless stems should not require a tool to remove. If they are tightened too tightly such as with a pair of pliers they can mess up the rim tape or the sealing part of the valve, Unless you have tremendously weak fingers you should be able to get the stem nut off. There is plenty of room in a tubeless tire/rim combo for a tube so once the stem is out the tube goes in as normal. This aint rocket science.

The tubeless tires on my Domane (limited experience but still) went on easier than the tires on my other tubed road bike. If you can put a tire on it shouldn't be an issue and if you are worried about it you can test it out at home. I did this just to learn the ropes.

This is easier for me than buying a plug kit and carrying sealant etc. to repair a tubeless flat in a tubeless fashion.

If you are super worried about it just pull the tirs, drain the sealant and pop tubes in. I wanted to learn something new and found it easy.
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