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I have been experimenting with tubeless on the rear of my work bike .... not big deal.

As others say, get a sealant injector--basically a small turkey-baster type of clear plastic syringe with a hose which fits snugly over the presta valve (you could make one but I bought one for a couple bucks (Truckers, I think.) Once the tire is seated (some might need a compressor, but you can also make a tire-setter from a 2- or 3-liter drink bottle--google it) you add a few ounces of sealant with the turkey baster, screw the valve head in, and inflate and ride.

You won't get pinch flats, and on gravel or other soft surfaces you can run lower pressure for more traction, and pump up for the road ride home. Add sealant a couple times a year, maybe an ounce or two, and minor nuisance punctures (goatheads, radial tire wires) won't even slow you down. You might not even know the sealant is working unless you get a nail-sized hole, in which case you might see a little dried sealant plume and lose a few pounds. Out with the pump, off down the trail or road.

People say they don't run road tubeless because of issues with high pressure, but i ride exclusively on the road (for now) and keep my rear tires very hard (I am fat, and I use the bike to carry big loads) and have never had an issue .... yet.

Go for it .... as people say, you can stick in tubes if you prefer.
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