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Originally Posted by LifeNovice1 View Post
Seems like if I get a flat on the road it WOULD be a pretty big deal to me. Trying to remove a presta stem AND putting a tube in a tire not meant for it AND trying to get a tubeless tire to go back on.
Seems like there is a big misunderstanding. You buy tubeless because they self-seal when you run over crap, whereas on a conventional tubed tire, you will have to take the tire off the rim and either replace the tube, patch it and sweep the inside for the tire for debris.

I rode 7 miles with a nail in my tubeless and lost 2 lbs pressure. When I got home, it took two minutes to plug the hole with “bacon” and re-air the tire. I have since ridden 500 miles on my plugged tire with zero issues, and this was my first attempt at plugging a tire.

The only time you will need to remove a tubeless is when you have a catastrophic cut to your tire like a sidewall, (and how often does that happen?) or when you replace your tires. Besides greater riding comfort of tubeless at lower pressures, you should ultimately do LESS tire removals than with tubed. And the a poster wrote above, it takes only a couple of minutes once or twice a year to top off the sealant and it can be done with virtually no mechanical skills.
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