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Originally Posted by Squeeze View Post
I am disappointed with the tubeless setup I had done recently, yet I'm determined to make them work. Had the LBS build me a wheelset with tubeless rims and install tubeless tires. They've set them up twice now and they will not hold air more than a few minutes at a time after the tires came "unstuck" from the rims from the weight of the bike pressing down on the flat tires as the bike leaned against a wall in the garage. I'm so frustrated about it that I'm just not riding it. Eventually I'll quit being stubborn, but I just can't deal with them right now. I've spent too much time pumping them up in my garage over and over when I wanted to go riding on the weekends. They either won't "stick" at all, or do for a short while but then go flat in the ten minutes it takes me to run inside to put on my bike shorts, fill a water bottle, and put on my shoes. Everyone says, "they aren't supposed to come off the rim, even when low on air" but they do.
That sounds super frustrating and in this instance I would just slap a tube in there and be done. In my case I wasn't even aware that my bike had a tubeless set up until for some reason the rear went flat and I noticed there was no tube. The rear tire bead was off the wheel and I was looking at sealant in the bottom of the tire. I soaked it up, bought a tube and then decided what the heck and bought sealant too just to give it a shot. Tire aired up and reset with just a floor pump, added sealant. Re-inflated and have been good ever since. Not sure why the rear went flat in the first place.
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