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Originally Posted by RosedaleForge View Post
Rode 20 miles or so with the latch not quite secure. Beat the tapered hole that secures the assembly out of round. As far as I can tell the frame is toast.

I'm open to suggestions on replacing the frame. The drivetrain/wheels have been upgraded. I might just buy another Nova but it seems a terrible waste as I'll be tossing all the parts that come on the stock bike.

I store my bike in the passenger foot well of my big rig. So a similar aluminum frame will be a good idea. It will get knocked around quite a bit as I unfold daily for my ride.

Looking at a picture of the Downtube Nova the bike looks like a very generic Chinese folding bike, nothing proprietary. You probably could replace it very easily with any similar 20" folding bike frame and forks. In fact there is a good chance you wouldn't even have to change the forks it really depends if the steerer is threaded or threadless. I'd probably look for something cheap with very low spec components. I've seen such bikes locally here in the UK go for as low as 15 as spares or repair. In my experience steel folding bike frames aren't much different in weight. Seems like aluminium has to be more overbuilt for folding use so I personally wouldn't care if it was steel or aluminium. In fact I might have a slight preference for steel. Also aluminium typically has a shorter working life and is more effected by fatigue so if it was an older folding bike again steel would be my preference.
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