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Originally Posted by surak View Post
Do you think other than weight there be any downside to going bigger with 35mm? I won't be setting any PRs anyway. I kind of like the idea of maxing out the clearance under my rain bike's fenders and riding them at some super low pressure.
If ride quality is your absolute main priority then 35mm can only be better in that regard. The weight difference (+50g per tyre) wouldn't bother me. I expect they would roll a little slower too, but probably not a huge difference. I just find that the 32 mm Cinturatos are already a very big road tyre, both in width and sidewall depth. My rims are also relatively narrow at 17mm internal and the 32 mm Cinturatos are already bulging out a fair bit at the sides (light bulb profile). If you have slightly wider rims that might make it an easier decision. When I come to replace these tyres I might well go the other way and try the 28 mm version. But mainly because I think they will be a better match for my rim width.
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