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Specialized Como Tire Struggle

My wife rides a 2020 Como - the middle one - and today was heading out for a ride when she saw the rear tire was flat. I told her, no problem, I could fix it in 10 minutes. She has Nimbus Sport tires BTW. A half hour later, I could not get the bead to unseat. I have repaired probably 100 tubes on road and MTB and never was unable to break the bead. I tried my best tire levers - I have 5 different sets. Rounded off screw drivers, vice grips, brute strength and nothing budged it. Looked at the interwebs and it appears to be a common complaint with no - this is a sure fire way to do it recommendations. So $20 and a trip to the bike shop a mechanic grips the tire and pulls it away as if it was nothing. Unbelievable.

So if you think you can do a roadside tube repair be prepared for a struggle unless you have gorilla like strength. My wife carries a mobile phone to call me for pickup service and AAA.

Just beware
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