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Originally posted by Greg
Riding along the coastline here the wind can be a real pain.
Let's all shed a tear for Greg in beastly Southern California. (sniffle) (Just messin' with you, Greg!)

Let me see. Not like to ride? NOT like to ride? That does not compute, Will Robinson.

Seriously, I have it almost as good here in New Orleans as old Greg in southern CA. Except for SERIOUS humidity. But riding in heat and humidity is not too bad because you have your own little built in breeze. And rain cools things off. I guess the only time that was a real pain was riding through 1 ft deep water in flooded streets, during a tropical storm, which I will never do again (the tropical storm part was OK, I'll just avoide flooded streets)! I only did it then because the water was very clear and I could see the street very well, including the open manhole whose cover had been popped off by water pressure in the storm drains! My panniers, which were protected with rain covers, got soaked from BENEATH!
If it ain't broke, mess with it anyway!

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