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I made more sawcuts this morning, which may have helped matters. Then I concluded that what I really needed was some sort of cylinder I could insert into the underside of the steerer and smack with my 2-lb hammer to drive the stem remnants out. I dug around in the tool chest filled with inherited tools and found a long 1/2-in deep wall socket and the appropriate extension piece to use it with a 1/4-in socket. I rested the top of the steerer (wearing a locknut to protect threads and roundness!) on a massive wood block and commenced to wailin’ away on it. When I saw it had indeed moved I sprayed in some Liquid Wrench, gave it a moment, and resumed wailin’ until I was rewarded by the nasty bit of stem emerging. I’ll seriously want to clean up the steerer interior with a brake cylinder hone, but I think the hard part is done!

The offending stem remnant with the apparatus that drove it out.

Steerer awaiting the brake cylinder hone.

I tell myself that all that sawing helped.
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