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Originally Posted by CliffordK View Post
Was there a reason why the group that were hit weren't seen?

A lot of what I'm reading is from the viewpoint of the cyclists, but there may well be a different viewpoint of the driver.
More than likely the driver didn't see them because they were in his blind spots.

I have my CDL. One of the things they teach you when you get your license is how many blind spots you have around the vehicle. Near the rear wheels on the driver's & passenger side, most of the passenger side, directly behind the vehicle, and directly in front of the vehicle for about 20ft. What most of these idiots that drive lifted pickups don't realize is that they have the same blind spots. My guess is as he approached he saw them and decided to get closer to maximize the effect of the smoke, the cyclists got in his blind spot so he kept moving closer thinking they must be further away since he couldn't see them, then hit them having never seen how close they actually were.

I have my CDL because I develop advanced systems on medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Occasionally we take them on the public roads, which is why I need the license. We put a camera system around the vehicle that places cameras in the blind spots and displays them on an in-cab display. We do it mostly to show off our display's capability to show video, but it is extremely useful when we drive on public roads. We ended up putting the same system in our recover truck, a stock Ford F-350 Super Duty, after it was involved in 3 accidents in about an 18 month period. What shocked most of the techs that normally drive the vehicle is that we needed 5 cameras to fill in the blind spots around the vehicle. But we haven't had an accident with the vehicle since installing it.

This kid never saw the cyclists he hit, and likely doesn't have the experience or training to know that he was operating it MUCH more dangerously than he thought he was.

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