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Originally Posted by KC8QVO View Post
... pretty short (5'2", 26-1/4" inseam) ... The challenge with it is she rides it with the seat bottomed out and she isn't getting proper leg extension.

What I am trying to weed through is this:
- She wants to have the comfort and stability of being able to plant her feet on the ground while sitting on the saddle
- She needs to get her leg extension out more
About the only way I know of to be sitting in the saddle yet being capable of putting both feet (stable) on the ground is: a pedal-forward frame design, such as the ones Trek Electra has. In the smaller (likely smallest) frame, someone with ~26in inseam should be able to sit on the saddle and be able to place (or nearly place) the feet flat on the ground. Adjust the stem and bars for proper hand position, and you'd be good to go.

As you already know, a step-through frame can help with access to the ground, but with a normal and traditional saddle to BB/pedals positioning in the geometry, it'll be very hard to both sit on the saddle yet still being able to place the feet flat on the ground. Still, with a step-through frame design, it's an easy (and IMO necessary) skill to learn how to rise up and forward off the seat (into the step-through area of the frame) while standing on one pedal, reaching down to the ground with the other foot. Saddle will be at the proper height for leg extension, but the rider's technique of moving forward off the seat when needing to reach the ground solves that part of the problem.

While several inches taller than she is, my inseam isn't much longer. So I've always done better on XS frames with shorter top tubes, step-through frame designs. (I tend to ride much more upright, nearly fully upright, on my bikes, as it's more comfortable for me; which again helps me lean toward smaller bikes with shorter top tubes, taller stems/bars.)

One possible step-through frame -- Velo-Orange Polyvalent Low-Kicker (step-through) frame.

Another possible step-through frame -- Rodriguez Adventure step-through. The step-through is a custom option, but Rodriguez also does custom frame geometry for you as well, if you prefer. One option, for getting the lower step, the more-slack seat tube, the taller head tube, stem and bars, so that it'll fit like a glove.

Or the Electra bikes, by Trek. They're a "pedal-forward" design, hence a lower saddle height while not sacrificing leg extension.
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