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Originally Posted by Carbonfiberboy View Post
This isn't a bike problem, it's a mental issue. Yes, there are crank forward bikes (google), which allow what your GF wants. They are OK for short trips on the flat, but not too much more IMO. She just has to suck it up and learn how to mount, start, and stop a properly setup bicycle. There's not really another answer. Little used parking lots can be good for this sort of thing. It's a matter of doing it over and over until it feels OK to her and she's stopped making mistakes. You know how to stop a bike without falling over. Teach her how. It's just fear, that's all. Fear can be overcome.

My wife is 5'1", rides an MTB converted to drop bars. She runs 1" tires which are possible to find. It's a good solution.
I pretty much completely agree.

However if the GF doesn't really want to ride in the style of cycling the OP enjoys, then it'll be harder or maybe impossible getting her to have any desire to overcome the mental part.

So there might be a BF/GF incompatibility here. Whether that's enough to be a issue overall and for long term is for the OP to figure out.

I'd be happy to take my riding down to the level of the Trek Lux 7d I showed in a previous reply just so I could ride with my wife even if it was only less than an hours ride and 8 mph average.

She's already ruled out tandems and e-bikes. Mostly based on the fact she doesn't want to go fast. I'd probably have to get one for myself too. When I'm on a road bike, I want to go go go.

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