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Bikes: Giant Trance frame with Marzocchi EXR Pro 04 - XT Hubs Mavic 717 Disc Wheels and LX M585 Disc brakes

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Giant Trance frame - Alternative?

Hi guys,

I've been pottering around on my Spesh Hardrock for a while now and after spending too much money upgradging the wheels, brakes, forks, etc. I feel it time to go full suss! I only want to upgrade the frame as I feel alot of my components are satisfactory and ... well... it's cheaper tha way.

Initially I thought I'd try and track down a second hand FSR XC frame and that would be that.

Recently things have changed - I have realised that some retailers offer 0% finance. Wahoo! For the price of my gym membership (now cancelled due to the fact they withdrew Spinning classes) I can buy a brand new Giant Trance frame... and my wife is still happy because I not spending ANY extra money!

So.... I am now trying to get a test ride on a Trance before I buy... but obviously I need to try some of the competition.

I mainly ride XC but I'd prefere a bike that's a little on the burlier side as I don't have a problem climbing and I enjoy being confident that my bike can take a few knocks.

Any thought on a suitable alternative frame to the Giant Trance????

Thanks for your time,
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