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Planning the routes has borrowed the Strava Heat Map idea. It colors in roads based on uploaded rwgps recordings. See the Heat Map button on the route planner maps. It might be only for paid subscriptions, but those can be monthly rates, for a shorter time period.

There are faint blue rural roads that are less traveled than the popular red roads near the city. When I zoom in, these are re-colored to show local popularity--good! (Strava does the same thing.) I don't always pick the most popular roads, but I do avoid roads that are much less popular than other nearby roads -- those are likely busy with traffic or difficult.

Some "popular" roads might be gravel, so google maps Street View (if available) or Satellite view can help. And there's that shows gravel roads -- the URL remembers your map view.

Here in southern Ohio and Kentucky, there's some great roads to ride (but they are hilly). Quiet and scenic, with very low traffic. Dogs do chase cyclists on some of these roads. There's few restaurants or motels in many of these midwest small towns. My week in Vermont had lots of interesting places to stay, and a mix of restaurants in many of the towns. The Midwest would need more planning.

Here's an example of the Heat Map in rural southern Ohio. Red/purple roads are the most popular, faint blue gets some bike usage. (But even the four lane divided highway nearby got some bike travel -- I don't know why any rider would pick it when there's much better nearby roads.)

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