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Originally Posted by Blues View Post
My favorite bike transportation method in my Ford Ranger is to run a 1/4" line from the saddle around the side rail at the top of the truck side bed wall and back to the stem. I do the line fastening with the bike standing upright a foot from the bed wall. When tied off, I brace my elbows on top of the bed side and grab the fork and seat stay and tilt the tires into the corner of the pickup wall and floor. The line is adjusted so the bike is leaning toward the mid-line of the truck at abut a 45 degree angle, and the tires perfectly span the wheel well, immobilizing the bike. We can fit two bikes in the Ranger short bed. To get the bikes out, just reverse the whole process. The Ranger bed is just long enough to close the tail gate. I have loops in the ends of my line, one with a slip knot, so adjustment is quick. For a longer trip I will tie the top of the bike to the other side of the truck bed, so if I was in a fender bender the bike would stay in the truck bed. This system also works on my Wife's Colorado.
This has red neck written all over it.
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