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Only a short, 25 mile ride this morning, but first impressions of the P-Zeros TLR:

At the same pressure, they ride a little harsher than the Michelin Power Road (which were a little harsher than the Pro One Addix TLE). It's weird, though - I can't say exactly why, but I get the feeling that the casing is less supple but the compound is softer. Cracks and bumps come across as a muted thump. The slightly higher casing stiffness is something that I noted in-hand yesterday, too, when installing them. In fairness, though, the tires that I just rode two days ago were getting towards EOL, with 5k and 2k miles on the F and R, respectively; with a fair amount of rubber worn away, they were probably more supple than they were out of the box. I'm going to try dropping them a few PSI for the next ride and see how they get on.

Speaking of the compound - Grippy. As. Stink. The Power Roads and Pro Ones never left me wanting, in terms of grip, but these damn things feel like they're glued on to the road.

They seem to roll pretty nicely. If I had to make a WAG, I'd say that they're a hair slower than the PR and PO, but they're certainly not slow.
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