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Originally Posted by gobicycling View Post
Next month I will be 82yo. About 40-50% of high school friends are no longer with us. I put together a listing of all the "ailments" I have accumulated and are pretty much still with me, one way or another. The funny thing is that not one of these affects my performance, daily activities nor just "living." I attribute many of these (but not all) to having lived a pretty stressful life, raising two children with profound disabilities - which meant - 60 years ago, fighting for services which were not available, finding money to pay (worked three jobs), many illnesses and near-death situations, and a whole lot of other stress factors, and, perhaps, not finding out about and treating my blood pressure early enough. Both stress and HBP are killers. Anyway, I bicycle, swim, walk, stretch, do resistance exercises, etc. daily. Several items on the list are simply aging. Not much one can do about them. But, my blood work on annual physical is totally within normal range. Well, here is the list:

White Matter disease
Cataracts (treated)
Dry eye disease
Lower eyelid doesn’t close well (needs surgery)
Glaucoma (treating)
Skin Cancer (treated)
Trigeminal Neuralgia, first treated by drugs, then Micro Vascular Decompression then drugs then 2 Gamma Knifes, resulting in total numbness of right side of face, eye, teeth, but marked reduction of intolerable pain of TN
Hearing going
Corrected Atrial Fibrillation, now normal
Left Anterior Fascicular Block
L4-L5 Fusion
Dendriform Pulmonary Ossification
Pulmonary Hypertension (mild)
Extreme sensitivity to Carrageenan
Right shoulder separation, Type II
High Blood Pressure (treated - generally 120/80 or less
Mild Sleep Apnea (weight loss and it is mostly gone)
How did the L4-L5 fusion treat you? I've got an MRI scheduled for next month, with special attention on the L5-S1.
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