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Originally Posted by ooga-booga View Post
broski, you're going to want the model/rental with the best compact gearing. you've got tons of experience riding looong, 20+ mile climbs
but above 8,000 feet, it's going to be miles of slow scenic altitude suck. can always shift up if you're feeling it. you can only shift down so far.
hardest climb in the world-right? what's another $60-$120 to ensure you're set up as best as you can be to realize a dream?

have fun! that's gonna be a long-*ss descent...

are you bringing your own saddle and pedals?
I know I have the legs, but it is the altitude and weather are the worrying parts. Rain? What's that? Oynx Peak is the highest we can get, and I will do in once/twice before leaving. Would love to do the long climb to Dawsons Peak, but there is no water now that Newcombs is closed. Rain does worry me a lot. You saw my complaints this summer from not being able to do the routes I wanted to while in Italy.

Not sure if I will do the descent. Depends if the lady friend is willing to meet me and drive down. I want to do it.

Probably yes on pedals if required. No on saddle. Never been picky, although I once purchased a crappy one from Performance Bike that I returned after 3 rides.

Originally Posted by drewguy View Post
I haven't done this ride (would like to), but isn't the rec to get an early start so that you're avoiding the daytime heat during the stretch before you hit the real climb? In other words, you probably need two day rental regardless - day before and day of. If it's 24-hour clock presumably mid-afternoon pickup, early morning start, and you're back by the following mid-afternoon.
Will start at daylight. Only two places have 24-hour clocks. Due to timing, those that do not will require 3 day rental, since I need it the day before and need some padding in case I cannot get back by 3 day of ride.

Originally Posted by msu2001la View Post
BMC Roadmachine One with SRAM AXS is a ridiculously nice bike. The SRAM AXS gearing would give you a very low 1:1 gear option (or lower, depending on which setup?), plus it looks like it's the only bike with electronic shifting of the group.

Seems like a no-brainer to me.
Never used electronic shifting, but let's be honest, this ride will be shifting to the lowest gear and grinding! Occasionally shifting up for some time out of the saddle. Did not even notice that the BMC had electronic shifting. Borrowed a bike with Campagnolo this summer and that was confusing!

Originally Posted by njkayaker View Post
The difference between $89 and $110 (for two days) is small enough to not be part of the decision. Given the cost of being able to do the ride, even an extra $100 is moot.

They are all decent bikes (based on just that, it won't matter which you choose).

You probably should prefer having lower gears. And info is missing from most of the options.

Assuming that the others likely have typical gearing (28 in the back), the Cannondale is the best choice.
It comes down to 24 hours (only two places) or 3 days. Two days is not feasible. Definitely will exclude mid-compact gearing. As long as it has 30 in back, I should be fine. I do long steep climbs with a 50/34 and a 30 in bike. This climb "only" averages 5%.
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