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Originally Posted by Tycho Brahe View Post
It comes down to 24 hours (only two places) or 3 days. Two days is not feasible.
Not sure how 24 works but two days doesn't. Pick up the 2 day bike late the prior day.

Oh, it might be possible to negotiate the extra day (so you could bring back the 2-day rental early on the third day).

Originally Posted by Tycho Brahe View Post
Definitely will exclude mid-compact gearing. As long as it has 30 in back, I should be fine. I do long steep climbs with a 50/34 and a 30 in bike. This climb only "averages" 5%.
Even then, the ride might end up surprising you. A lower gear you don't use is better than needing/wanting a lower gear you don't have.

Beyond gearing, some degree of cost, and convenience, these are all decent bikes. None of them are going to be really better for this ride than the other. I doubt that the benefits of electronic shifting would show up. (Maybe, you'd consider picking the lightest one but that won't matter much and it's other information you don't have.)

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