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Originally Posted by njkayaker View Post
Not sure how 24 works but two days doesn't. Pick up the 2 day bike late the prior day.
Oh, it might be possible to negotiate the extra day (so you could bring back the 2-day rental early on the third day).
Sorry if that part was confusing. Was more interested in the bike and not the rental periods, so I did not elaborate.

The places that rent per 24 hour cycles are also open later, so I can rent from 4:30pm-4:30pm. Done.
The places that rent per day, all close at 3pm. So I can rent at 8am the day before, but getting back by 3pm on the day of the ride would be tough, therefore needs a third day. 7am start, assuming 7 hour ride, means get back down at 2pm, and that is without the car ride back to the shop, which is not near the climb.
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