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Originally Posted by Hypno Toad View Post
The short answer: you will never please everyone on the trail. I use bells and/or a number different of verbal alerts. Every single option has had a least one person shout a similarly annoying and profane response.

I have a bell on most of my bikes, including my brand new carbon fiber road bike (told the folks on my bike club that it came with "all the bells and whistles" LOL). I like the bell for most multi-use paths around here because the trails are busy with both people biking and walking. When my hands are busy, or if it's clear they are not hearing the bell, I'll use a verbal alert too.

I've had people engrossed in conversations or whatever is in their earbuds, and yell at me for not announcing a pass ... after bells and verbal alerts.
I've had people yell at me for being angry while giving a verbal alert,
I've had people jump (I mean JUMP) when I give an alert.

This is one of my favorite stories from earlier this summer (I posted this on a FB group):
So ... I found out today that a bell is no longer good enough to announce a pass and that you must also announce "on your left" too. I'm a major advocate for trail etiquette so I'm surprised I missed the announcement of this change.
Either that or some people will always be annoyed by faster riders passing ... IDK?
Details: I wasn't passing quickly, there were only two of us on the N Cedar Trail in SLP. I have a Spurcycle bell (if you don't know, these are strong and clear bell). It wasn't totally clear what the person was calling out from behind, the wind noise made it difficult to hear ... but I heard twice "say on your left". If you're the person that was annoyed with an old guy slowing passing on a recovery ride ... please share your side of the story, I'm honestly interested to hear.
**** that "say 'on your left'" guy. There's a small, but non-zero part of the population that, when startled, will hear "..mumble mumble.. left!" and will think that they're supposed to move left... right in to you.

The run-in that I really enjoyed was when I announced a pass on M'haha Pkwy. I said, not yelled, but said "passing," and I passed. Upon doing so, this dude started grousing, "what is it with you guys?! 'Passing! Passing!' I know you're ******g passing! You don't have to yell it all the time!" It was so weird that I had to slow down and have a "wtf?" talk with him.
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