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Originally Posted by Tycho Brahe View Post
The BMC branding is a bit confusing. They have both a Roadmachine 01 ONE and Roadmachine ONE. Is 01 ONE redundant? Nope, different bike. The 01 level is the top of the line.

Best link I can find is https://arcane-brook-43772.herokuapp...hine%20ONE#top

I would definitely be going for the BMC if it was truly the 01 model. At this point, electronic shifting is just added weight.
Different years (probably).

The "BMC ROADMACHINE ONE AXS" (the one for rent) appears to be a 2021 model (the rental site has a link to the specifications).

Presumably, the BMC website is showing 2022 models.

The base model name is "Roadmachine 01". Then, there are sub models ("one", "two", "three", "four", "five").

Originally Posted by Tycho Brahe View Post
Looked up the gear ratios, and it looks like I actually would spin out more on my current 50f/11r over the 46f/10r
By about 0.4 MPH at 100 RPM.


The 2021 "BMC ROADMACHINE ONE AXS" is (was) a $5300 bike.

Renting a $12,000 bike (the 2022 "BMC 01 One") doesn't make a whole lot of sense (not sure why people's eyebrows didn't raise with that price).

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