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Originally Posted by SoSmellyAir View Post
​​​Neither of the cited posts cover a fairly common reaction by non-cyclists and inexperience cyclists around these parts: interpreting "on your left" as a command to shift to their left, which leads to a close call.
Giving the alert early enough to see their reaction and avoid when necessary makes that a non-issue. After a few times, the noobs will either not be on the trail anyway, or they'll wise up and understand what is meant after a few walks.

I get more thankyou's from walkers when I alert them than grief or startled noobs. I prefer to say "passing left" or "bike left". And modify it for the noobs that are on the left and I have to pass on the right instead.

As a frequent walker myself, bicycles can be pretty stealthy. So it's nice to know when I need to hold my line whether walking or cycling.

The guidelines on our MUP also says to give an audible alert when about to pass others.
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