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Originally Posted by msu2001la View Post
We've all seen it... you're out walking or riding with the kids on a quiet trail on a Sunday morning when out of nowhere you hear someone scream "ON YOUR LEFT" .005 seconds before they blow past your left shoulder at 25mph with inches to spare - often while there is oncoming traffic.

These people are not announcing a pass or alerting you to their presence, they're telling you to get out of their way. They're usually in the middle of a workout and riding way too fast. They also probably think MUPs are a good place to do threshold intervals and don't understand why so many slower cyclists and walkers are out there clogging up the trail.

It's not really a mystery why some pedestrians and slower cyclists get a little prickly about the passing situation on MUPs.
people who blow by you with inches to spare aren't yelling at you to get out of the way. They just want you to hold your line, and are more comfortable passing close than you. Are they jerks for this? Maybe, but it's not intentional, if anything it's a sign of experience. the roadies around here often terrify liesure cyclists.

OP you're overthinking it, you only have to give warning if you're overtaking them on the wrong side, the right in your case. As you pass someone give a friendly "hello" and give them plenty of room. The bell is just to ring when you're excited or greeting someone, and to flex on roadies you pass who don't have bells.

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