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They want the revenue from the LABOR of installation.

Really, it isn't that crazy.... Try going to a Goodyear, Firestone, Tires Plus, National Tire, PepBoys, Wal-Mart, etc... and they probably will not sell you CARRY OUT car/suv/truck tires. Even if they did, they wouldn't at the specially advertised Sale prices. With these tire dealers, essentially, you hook them in with the Advertised price and the 60 minute in and out time to unstall them, but to a certain degree they hoodwink/con unsuspecting naive customers with faux upselling of tire stem quality & balancing, as well as lifetime tire repair. There is no difference in tire stem quality and a properly balanced tire cannot be improved upon. The lifetime tire repair has minimal value though because it is actually something, but the fact remains that the odds are such that your flat is likely to occur somewhere far from that particular tire store chain's stores. Lifetime balancing is not usually an issue as the lead weights usually do not come off of the wheels during the life of your tires. Certainly if your going off-roading or daily driving over the worst washboard, pothole roads that one can imagine, then perhaps the weights could get knocked.
Most tire dealers will just write-up the customer at the higher charge mounting & balancing + valve stem cost UNLESS the customer speaks up. Tire dealers also have had a decades long ritual of selling faux front wheel alignments when said tire dealer knows that the measured front end alignment specs are perfect(NOT NEEDING ANY ALIGNMENT OR ANY ADJUSTMENT AT ALL). They tell unsuspecting, naive customers that there car needs a Front End Wheel Alignment, and many times they will show the customer a print-out or a CRT display of bull$#!t numbers that differ greatly from the suggested factory acceptable specs and hard sell them to accept the additional charge for the "needed" alignment. Many times they simply do absolutely nothing, and just have you wait another 35 minutes and then tell you that we fixed your alignment for just $189. Yes, perhaps this LOCAL BIKE SHOP is being somewhat unwelcoming to the walk-up, over the counter person who just wants to buy the needed part and exit accordingly and do a self-install at home. Hey, you do know that you can buy a BELL PITCREW 600 complete cable set for $10 from WALMART online & ACE HARDWARE online, plenty of Wallyworld stores do carry this on the shelves in the bicycle section but it is often sold-out on the hanging pegs inside Walmart stores. Ace does not carry it in any of its stores. You've got everything that you'd need in the BELL PITCREW 600 cable set. WELL ACTUALLY YOU'LL NEED TO ALREADY OWN OR NEED TO BUY A $17 BRAKE CABLE CUTTER TOOL(pliers) ....several online bike shops carry this UNBRANDED version which looks like the PEDRO's & other name branded versions which are twice the cost....so you don't need it to say frikking PARK, or YA-PAY-A-2-MUSH.
This dumbass bike shop obviously doesn't want to sell just a $12 or $14 piece of Cable, as they want the minimum Labor revenue for installation as well.
You as a customer have a right to choose who you wish to do business with, just as that LBS has the right to choose exactly how it wishes to sell certain items.
Simply put, just forget about those fools, and do not give them your business! How hard is it to source something from trailthis, bikewagon, or at least twenty other online places that have everything you'd need and you can get it within four days at your door. No need to burn gas, driving all over searching for it at local bike shops.
Support local bike shops that treat (YOU) their customers well, but give the single middle finger salute to the few that don't value you as a customer. If they don't want your business, then don't give it to them! Most good local bike shops can be telephoned to determine that they have said item in stock and the price, before you drive there in person to buy it. Often you can purchase a single needed item at the "good" Local Bike Shop, where though you might pay double for the lowest Amazon price but where it materially matters is when the knowledge of the counter-help or proprietor can truly tell you that this part is a better fit or works better with your existing set-up than another part might. There are numerous times when perhaps multiple different parts are indeed applicable and may work okay.........when the vast knowledge of the counter-help or shop proprietor can show & explain why one particular said part is BETTER in your APPLICATION than the other options............THAT IS ALMOST PRICELESS.....where you are GLAD that you did pay twice as much..........................a very small difference when the problem solution does turn out so much better!
Sure, most everytime, you don't need that expert help, if you already are very experienced in repairs & adjustments, but you shouldn't forget that the expert-braintrust is there at nearly every good local bike shop. Not every local bike shop is "GOOD". Those like that will likely not remain an ongoing concern for too long. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Remember that you ultimately choose every day, which business establishments, that you support with your hard earned dollars.
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