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When I add lube to my chain, it takes less than a minute. I do not put a drop on each pin, I just spin the crank backwards, run a steady stream on the bottom section of chain. Do that for about three revolutions of the crank to get every link roller. I readily admit that adding a bit of lube to each pin will do a better job, but I am too impatient for that.

When my drive train gets noisy, I add more. It might not be the most efficient way to get lube in exactly the right places, but it is quick and works for me.

Occasionally I put some kerosene on a paper tower (after putting a medical grade glove on the paper towel hand) and wrap the towel around the chain and turn the crank backwards to wipe off any excess lube and dirt that way. Also do that to clean off the chain ring teeth and jockey wheel teeth with the kerosene on a paper towel. When I use kerosene, I only put it on a paper towel and wipe, I do not want the kerosene to get inside the chain links or pin wear surfaces, as that could dissolve some of the lube on the inside parts of the chain. My goal is to just clean off the outside of the link plates and rollers.

But I suspect we are getting into the kinds of details that will start arguments, that is not my intent so I hope that does not occur.
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