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Bikes: Bilenky Tourlite, Surly Ogre

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Originally Posted by MyRedTrek View Post
No, they're just run of the mill bikes from what I saw, nothing special. Hard to imagine he'd make much on any of them unless his investment in them was close to nothing.
Musing on your OP and this post, I know a guy who has at least a thousand bikes. Not one of them is less than dealership-quality. Says its his "retirement plan." he does have some pretty sweet and rare bikes, and I cant seem to get him to shake anyone of them loose, but I'm still working on it.

How does anyone get so many bikes? How many is a lot? How many is too many? Two summers ago, I had about 70 bikes. I went on a selling rampage and whittled it down to about 20. Now I am at 16 complete bikes and about 20 frames, and about a dozen wheelsets. I was so happy to be rid of those bikes! Thinking back on how I got all those bikes, I'm seeing that all it took to collect so many was one or two at a time. Yardsales, CL, and someone at my local transfer station texts me whenever a bike comes in. The transfer station is 3 miles from my house, so its easy to slip over there, chat up my buddy, and decide whether or not that bike is worth taking home or lob it up and over into the scrap metal bin. Time and persistence will get you where ever you wish to go. Look at ants. They'll carry a single grain of sand for a long distance just to get it out of their way, likewise, they'll carry a single seed into their nests. One ant. Multiply that ant by hundreds and you can guess how many seeds would pile up inside that nest after a while. Same could be said about acquiring bikes. Bikes just seem to follow me home, so I can relate to this.
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