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Originally Posted by arbee View Post
Considering the OP's query was about safety, I think it's worth noting: apart from Flatlands/Midwood in Bkln and Far Rockaway in Queens, Staten Island is a questionable destination for anyone concerned about COVID. Central Park is vastly safer at any hour.

As @dendawg notes, in the before-times, Staten Island was easily accessible from Manhattan by ferry. IMHO, the ferry ride itself was worth it. It's free.

More about safety: for anyone unfamiliar with Staten Island, if you visit by bicycle, be warned: storm drains adjacent to the curb are either perilous or lethal.
Yes, the numbers are higher there than the rest of the city but on a bike I never worried about Covid at all. Moving air is one of the things that prevents the virus from catching and you are almost always 6' away from anybody else. And even in pre-covid times, nobody would come within 6' of me when I've been riding, not even my wife. Ewwwww.
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