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I just went through this with a Rocky Mountain Fusion. Long post slammed down solid. It took 6 days with multiple applications of strong lye solutions thru the BB to win the war and melt the post. The paint suffered terribly although mild caustic soda won't usually damage quality paint. It's nasty and I won't do it again unless it's a truly special frame. That sounds odd but I would refine the process to not damage frame.

I used hardware lye crystals in 1 litre Mason jars, about 6 tablespoons per jar. Wear protection!

edit. Gotta say, there's an idiot on Youtube who has to be the poster boy for how not to try this. Shorts, T-shirt, shaking a pepsi bottle full of caustic soda. 'Only burns a little' he said, dodging the boiling magma. Unreal.

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