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Bikes: Ď87 Marinoni SLX Sports Tourer, Ď79 Miyata 912 by Gugificazione

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That Trek looks like a far better fit for you than anything else weíve seen from you, judging by the saddle and stem heights shown. Trek 510ís are highly regarded bikes around C&V Land. My good buddy, @RiddleOfSteel, has had great experience with at least one.

About your plans:
Front rack with p-clamps - Front loading can work well with a low-trail fork (so higher fork rake); not as good with more typical fork trail found on these sport touring Treks. Search on low-trail and youíll get more insight. @gugie is a master at re-raking forks for that application. Iím thrilled with the work he did to the Ď79 Miyata 912, quite similar in intent (that year, at least) to your 510 to adapt it to front load carrying You might ask him his opinions and what it would take to get yours re-raked. You donít need p-clamps since you have those eyelets on your front dropouts that can be used with longer struts, available from Rivendell. The Nitto M-18 rack is a good one, often used in these applications.

Fenders - a great idea that enables much broader usage, but it doesnít look like youíve got a whole lot of clearances with those 700x35 tires. A fingerís width between fork crown and rear brake bridge is about the minimum clearance that youíll need. But you could run 700x32ís or 28ís to get that clearance. Fenders are not that easy to install initially. Lots of good advice out there, including plenty of folks on this forum, regarding fender selection and installation. I use both plastic and metal fenders. OTOH, if you really want to combine fat tires and fenders, a 650B conversion is a good way to go. There are photos in a previous post above of my same bike with all the tires used on it over the years, including 650B with metal fenders.

Powder coating - Is there significant paint damage thatís not visible in the photos above? From what I see, the existing paint seems to be in great condition. Any re-coat will not be as good as the original. But if its an esthetic choice, thatís entirely your call (as with all these choices). There are better and not so great powder coat sources. Iíve been impressed with the results that another good buddy, @Andy_K, has had with his bikes.

New wheel set with dynamo - another great idea if your really going fully into randonneuring, but you might want to try a few shorter brevets first with a battery light, since that will be hefty investment. Bicycle Quarterly (magazine and blog posts) has lots of great recommendations for dynamo lights. Also check out the Long-DistanceÖ sub-forum for good advice on many subjects that probably relate to your cycling plans:


Are you I happy with the existing brakes? An effective, popular and easy update if theyíre single-pivot calipers (hard to tell from those photos) would be replacement with dual pivot calipers. Yours appear to be nutted calipers (external nuts), rather than the later recessed type. Tektro makes very nice nutted dual pivots.

Apologies if thatís TMI.

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