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Originally Posted by Dfrost View Post
Apologies if thatís TMI.
Not TMI!! Very helpful.

If​​​ gugie or any others want to weigh in on fork rake, I am all ears. In my initial vision of this project I was thinking a low trail bike with 650B wheels but that is less because I am sure that I will do long distance randoneuring and more because I think a small front load would be conducive to my current commute and allow me to work up to longer rides over time. Now that I'm on the bike and looking at the chain stay clearance in particular I'm wondering how much of a wider tire 650b would actually give me than the 700 C's that I'm currently on.

I hear you on the cost of Dynamo hubs but found a wheel set on velocity which I think represents a pretty good value for a 700C set. The initial thinking behind this was if I do not go for 650b on this bike I imagine the 700C wheel set would translate to more future frames should I change in the future.

There are a few rust patches on the frame, I'll see if I can get some better pictures at some point.

Today I set things up with my rivendell sack and was pleasantly surprised at the tire clearance.
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