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I have asked many riders how often they get flats. Most riders don't track their mileage and as such their answer is often a "too often" or Never", rarely with context needed to dive below the surface. Some don't/can't separate out the slow deflation that any rubber bladder can have from leaks from holes/abrasion.

Casual or infrequent riders often say they have to pump up their tires every time they ride. Daily or high mileage riders often say once a week or two. The time span between reinflations might be the same but the number of rides between can be quite different.

My personal history seems to be a flat (a true poke, hole, blow out) about every 1000 miles. This is pretty close to my friends experience. Some years I have had only 1 flat and some years I've had a half dozen. I ride between 2500 and 4500 miles a year, about half my annual miles are in the city and half in the more rural areas of NYS.

The shop I "work" at (sort of retired this sept, still on call) sees a lot of urban transportation riders. It's always interesting to follow a new to commuting rider evolve from the reactive type of maintenance/repair approach to that of more proactive attention to their bike. Some of this is their being more skillful/confident in how they position themselves WRT traffic and lane edges. As one becomes more able to ride where car tires roll one sees less road crap that causes some flats. Andy
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