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Originally Posted by Bald Paul View Post
I've found the battery life to be very dependent on the outside temperature. On hot days, it goes dead much sooner that on a cooler day. Where the cameras are mounted, it's impossible to see the display, so I never know how much battery is left. And, should the battery go dead mid-ride, all the video files are corrupted somehow, and you can't review them.With my external packs, the cameras run off those and can last up to 3 hours. At that point, the internal battery kicks in for another 45 minutes to an hour, depending on temp. If I know my ride is going to be longer than that, I do carry extra batteries. Ideally, someone will come up with a GoPro remote app that can be downloaded to my Garmin 1030+, allowing me to turn the cameras on/off and start/stop recording via BT. GoPro has a remote unit (I have one) but it's not reliable, and keeps losing BT connection to the cameras. I gave up trying to use it on rides. Plus, I could just use my Di2 buttons to scroll to the screen on the Garmin when I needed to, instead of fishing in my pocket for the remote, which has no method of attaching a lanyard. The mount cradle you can buy for it doesn't work on aero bars, either (ask me how I know this.)
oh interesting. ok then makes sense to have the external power source. I don't have an indication of battery life either, but I know when it dies. but the files are all still ok, including the one it was recording when it died
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