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Mr and Mrs RollingExist, has seen your bike photo in the touring rig bit, so fun to see this vid (havent looked at others). As I wrote in the other thread, I find the Ogres and Trolls to be a great platform for just about anything, and am very fond of my Troll and with a change of tires, would head off anywhere with it. You guys certainly have great setups on both of the Ogres. Just keep on top of hub regreasing (if ball bearing hubs) and whatnot , and the bikes will be great tools for continuing exploring.
All the best with graduate term. Lot of work to do these vids, but will be great memories in years to come. (but still, lots of work)
good luck getting more interest. I'll check out the previous stuff.

still planning to continue riding? Rough ideas of where during winter months?
I've only been awayon trips 3 months, but I have probably 25 years on you two, so just different set of life stuff.
As always, seeing well done travel vids like this make me wish I was 30 years younger today, but there you go, life goes on, and anyway, happy with my bike travels over the last 30 years.

and don't worry, you two aren't the only two at late starts. The day is usually less rushed with earlier, but you go with what works for both of you.
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