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Originally Posted by SoSmellyAir View Post
That is a good idea; I will do that from now on. Is the Presta core the same regardless of stem length? And do you have a recommended Presta core tool?
Presta cores can be a little different between brands but IME the threads have always been the same and should be interchangeable even if the length of the core and/or stem is different. Presta tools don't need to be anything extravagant. They have a pretty simple job of just snugging up the valve with minimum force and there are various tools from very small plastic tools to nicely made metal versions with varying prices. Pretty much anything here will be fine but getting a tool with both Presta and Schrader removal heads can come in handy. presta core removal tools - Bing You can also just use a small adjustable wrench or just a pair of pliers if you don't care about marking up the core flats or trashing a stuck core. I have an old mini chain tool I carry with me the has the slot where the pushed out chain pin goes through that is just the right size to use as a core removal tool so check any chain tools you have to see if they fit and then no need to get a special tool and also some spoke wrenches may fit.
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