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Have I mentioned the curved crank arm yet?
It may have been the first among the various schemes to vary the mechanical advantage as the cranks go around.
The concept, as I understand it, was that the crank would bend during the power portion of the crank stroke. The bending would cause the crank to get a bit longer, increasing the rider's leverage and allowing more power to be generated.... or something like that?
Like Biopace or the original Rotor crank with the cam driven rings, or the Powercam with the cams that changed the chainrings rotational position as the crank rotated (similar to the Rotor), there wasn't much data to support the claims, but it looked high tech and there was probably some sort of placebo effect.

The tandem that featured the cranks for both the captain and stoker (although the captain is in back, and the stoker is in front.

The tandem was built by the Ide company (or sold under the Ide name?) here in Peoria a long time ago!

Steve in Peoria
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