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Originally Posted by SapInMyBlood View Post
I live in Perth. There's some pretty major and smooth sailing paths going all across the city

I find that below 30kph no one is really riding hard or fast enough to draft so it doesn't matter
On the flip side, if I'm holding down 35-40kph and someone jumps on my wheel, then they're generally strong and experienced enough to also take pulls, and with a little nudge of the elbow I've had fun little pace lines going on many a commute

If you don't like someone on your wheel, either speed up and drop them, slow down so they pass you or start firing off snot rockets
Good to hear from another Perth rider, but then you must know that kph doesn’t mean a lot here? The headwind (or tailwind) means a lot.

My first example from today, doing the Canning Bridge to Narrows Strava segment (4.18km) I did 40.1kph at approx 10am.

My second example, cycling to work (essentially from UWA to the city, along Mounts Bay Road) was a “leisurely” 25kph or so, due to headwind.

In addition, I saw somebody get drafted earlier this week. I approached Mounts Bay Road from the Bell Tower. One cyclist ahead of me, who I was gaining on. Another guy came down off the Narrows Bridge, splitting us, but going at the same speed as me. I kept up with him, both gaining on the first cyclist, who he subsequently passed, who then stayed inches off his wheel. I think we averaged around 20kph due to a 30kph headwind (the doctor) and the gaps between me and the first two riders stayed the same. Me and the drafter peeled off at UWA and I passed him easily going up the western path of Kings Park.

Interested to hear your thoughts! It’s more about effort in my view, not outright speed.
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