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Originally Posted by Welshboy View Post
Had my first puncture after 875 miles commuting on some pretty crappy glass strewn bike paths. Incredibly I was about 250 yards from work so no dramas. No bicycle tyre could have withstood the chunky spike of glass that caused me to puncture. Unfortunately, 875 miles has NOT softened them up at all and getting the tyre off to change the tube was hard work and would have been a nightmare at the side of the road with cold hands.
In your case you may want to try airless. They will definitely slow one down, but what I liked was the harder work it was to traverse the same distance and terrain as with pneumatic. Never used them for commuting, though. Dont even know if they're still being made. My use of them dates back to 2007-2009.

Well, they're still being made apparently:
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