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Originally Posted by easyupbug View Post
Two of my fails with my industrial cleaner:
From the Simple Green web site on Aluminum and they are correct: Therefore, contact times for unprotected or unpainted aluminum surfaces should be kept as brief as the job will allow - never for more than 10 minutes. So I now use Dawn. I use large glass beakers as they are super easy to clean the goop out but pad the bottom or keep anodized surfaces off the bottom (RD with wheels down) as anodized surface will get rubbed out in the vibration with the glass.
This is true for standard Simple Green. However Simple Green Pro HD and Extreme Simple Green Aircraft are both formulated for use in cleaning aluminum. I would still not let things soak for a long time but I use Simple Green Pro HD (diluted with water) in my heated aqueous parts cleaner.and regularly do overnight soaks with no bad effects.
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