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The latex layer is the clever part of Marathon GG and Plus tires, and what keeps them from being terrible. It provides more depth for anything to puncture through, but it gives back more energy than butyl rubber like the tread or casing. Conti has a similar tire. The larger Plus tires are really, really thick. 9mm. The latex layer is 5mm thick and there's the tread on top of that and the casing under it. I wonder if the 25's are as thick. I've joked before there wouldn't be any room for air inside... Schwalbe also has a cheaper tire that's their base compound all the way through and just as thick, but I don't think anyone is buying it. It must be a real pig.

Surely also small high pressure tires are in more danger from road hazards anyhow. Same weight on smaller contact patch = more pressure to push in road hazards
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