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Originally Posted by Lastmohecken View Post

I live in NW Arkansas which has a lot of avid bike riders, trails, etc. But I have had trouble finding a shop that would help with and Ebike conversion. Some sell new ebikes but don't seem to do conversions. I may have to just get everything online and do it all myself, but was hoping to find a shop that would lend me some support if i needed it , locally but so far no luck. Does anyone know of a shop in NW Arkansas that does ebike conversions?

I'm not any help on your local bike shops but I can give you a data point on buying a kit online and doing the conversion yourself.

I converted my old Bridgestone MB-2 mountain bike to a mid-drive ebike 5 years ago using the Bafang kit from Luna Cycles. It was pretty staightforward with no surprises. I had a local bike shop pull the crank arms on my bike because I didn't have the tool and I didn't expect to need to use it again so it was no more expensive to let them do it. Your bike is probably newer and may not need a special puller.

One caution is if you have something other than a steel frame. I met a Canadian on Vancouver Island who had done more than 100 e-bike conversions and he would no longer do conversions on anything other than steel frames because some of the aluminum frames cannot handle the torque. I think it is probably safe to do aluminum frames but you may need to add supplementary bracing in the rear dropouts and make sure to program a soft start on the motor.

I also converted my wife's tadpole trike to electric using a hub motor in the rear wheel. I prefer the mid-drive because it is hilly where we live and I like having the extra gears and the well centered weight distribution. Mid-drive wasn't an option on the trike but the hub motor handles the hills well.

At the time I did my conversions Luna Cycles had the best price and good communications. I don't know what the latest situation is on which mail order house is best.
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