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Originally Posted by TPL View Post
700c ( not 700 cm )
700c and 29er are the exact same size ....622 ....only difference is that 700c was in use for more than 80 years prior to the 'creation' of 29er
29er is a marketing ploy that some madison avenue, huckster-type created
I got a bridge in nyc that I want to sell used to be called the brooklyn bridge, but I'm not gonna call it that ( might hamper the sale by making it appear too common ), I'll just call it the Manhattan - Brooklyn connector bridge ....yeah, that's the ticket !....can you hear the sizzle ?, can you smell the snake oil ?, are you mesmerized by all of the smoke and mirrors ?
Cha-ching !
All 29er believers, prepare to have your billfolds massaged !
While indeed they are the same diameter, I always think of 29ers as MTB paraphernalia=more rugged and heavy. While 700c's make me think of tall and slender.
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