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Originally Posted by Schlafen View Post
Drivetrains need to be cleaned not degreased.
Itís less about removing ďgreaseĒ than removing oil which is basically thin ďgreaseĒ. Of course if you donít use oil, you donít have to remove it. As an added bonus, you donít have have to clean the drivetrain all that much. My drivetrains never need degreasing or even cleaning. Iím not a hot waxer but I do use solvent wax lubricant and never need to ďremoveĒ it.

Dish soap + water for frame and wheels only.
Or car wash.

I clean my main bike and commuter weekly and at most, regular WD40 + a cloth is enough for drivetrain.
Again, if you donít use something that traps dirt, you wonít need to clean. Frankly, you clean about 52 times per year more than I do. This is my drivetrain about 800 miles into a 1500 mile tour. This is typical of my drivetrains even without being on tour.

My chain, cassette, and chainrings last as long as others report with a minimum of cleaning.
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