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Originally Posted by Lastmohecken View Post
My fat bike is aluminum but looks heavy built. I think it would hold up for me if I converted it. I just wish I could find a good brick and mortar shop, locally that could provide support for or if I get into trouble and need some troubleshooting, etc.

I did some checking on Luna, thanks for the info.
Like I said I really haven't kept up on the options and there might be something better than Luna today. I find it frustrating that the kits cost as much today as they did 5 years ago. They should have excellent margins at 1/3 the price of what they are charging but I guess we are still in the early days of electric bicycles and there is crazy money to be made.

My guess is that the local shops would be happy to help you disassemble your bike and probably show you how they are doing it. I can understand that they don't want to be responsible for a third party kit assembly so you will be on your own putting it together but hopefully you choose a kit with good youtube videos

Everyone I know who has an electric bike loves it. I still love my old vintage (non-electric) bike as well.
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