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Scenic roads near the Camino de Santiago

My lovely wife is walking the Camino de Santiago (Frances) beginning in May 2022 (Covid permitting). I am going too but I am riding my bike and we will meet up every one to five nights wherever she is at. Since she is only walking about 25km per day and I want to do longer rides, I need to go off the "official" CdS bicycle route. I am trying to find scenic roads near that route so I can make the 25km stretch into longer rides. I have not problem with decent gravel roads (37mm tires) but prefer pavement if given a choice. I have lots of touring under my belt but mostly in North America.

Here are a couple of examples of what I am thinking about: for a same day ride (meet wife same day). Here is an example where I break off for a few days by riding the Via Verde from Pampola to Andoain. For the latter example, I would either do an out and back or a loop via Bergara then south to Logrono where I could reconnect. Strongly prefer scenic smaller low-traffic back roads.

Any suggestions for other scenic side roads along the CdS you can suggest?
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