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Originally Posted by chaadster View Post
SRAM have a beta program going for AXS, so Iím guessing itís going to be a format which sticks around for awhile. In any case, GRX 11spd is already out-of-date with semi-wireless 12spd Shimano here, so Iím having a hard time following the logic in eschewing fully wireless 12spd for 11spd mechanical if future-proofness is an issue. We also already know that 13spd is possible within current design paramaters (i.e. frame spacing, hub body length), so itís simply a matter of software updates on AXS hardware to make them 13spd compatible when SRAM moves to 13spd, which they almost certainly will given the history of drivetrain evolution.
I'd argue that mech GRX can be considered somewhat future proof because it's still easy enough to find 10s speed Shimano stuff when we've been rolling on 11s for a while now. Future proof doesn't necessarily mean it's top of the line. I'm not trying to to be argumentative, just running through some of the thoughts I've been stewing on for a bit.

12s Shimano GRX hasnt been announced to my knowledge, and I want to go wide range 1x so Ultegra 8100 isn't really an option even when setting aside concerns of cost or availability.
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