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Originally Posted by chaadster View Post
I’m not sure I follow the logic of calling replacement parts “future-proof”. I rather consider future-proof to mean, particularly in the context of bicycle drivetrains, that a given component will work with new systems in the future. For example, if I wanted to move from an 11spd system to a 13spd system, is my hub future-proofed and will accept the necessary freehub? Will my derailleur and shifter be adaptible to the 2 extra gears, or will I need to replace those if I want to upgrade? I mean, you can still get Shimano 7spd freehub bodies, but they’re not gonna run even 22 year old 8spd cassettes, let alone the 12spd Shimano is on now.

And in regards to Shimano 12, I was referring to the fact that it’s here in Dura Ace and Ultegra, which is exactly why 11spd GRX is already out-of-date. The new semi-wireless Di2– let’s call it Di2E, the E for evolved, to use Shimano’s lingo— has made the wired Di2 obselete, and I’d wager that within 2 years we’ll have 12spd Di2E GRX, and fully wireless Dura Ace 13spd, like AXS, within 4 years.
I appreciate what you're saying and we're arguing over semantics. All I intended to say was 11 speed parts will be available into the foreseeable future. I appreciate the input!
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