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I ordered a set of wheels with RR1.1 rims, thinking the 36/32 spoke counts would make for strong yet light wheels for me. Before they could ship, I talked with 'em and learned that those rims were a bit weak for a clyde, so they changed the order for me, at no extra charge, to the Blackset Race with the same spoke counts. My first reply came a week or so after my query.

When they arrived, the rear wheel was way out of true, so I sent an email. About a week later, I got a response stating that this was certainly unacceptable, and that a replacement set would be sent out, with a return sticker so I could ship the wobbly wheel back in the same box. The replacement wheels (they just went ahead and sent both) were true, but they were the RR1.1 set we decided were too light. I figure they just re-filled my original order.

My next few attempts to contact them didn't get a response, so I sent the DT wheels right back in the same box, and took the Blacksets to my LBS. I could true 'em up myself, but being brand new, I wanted someone with more experience to have a close look in case there was any shipping damage or other problems I might not have noticed.

I still haven't heard from them, so I'm hoping for a long, trouble-free life with the Blacksets. I get the idea they don't have many folks on the customer-facing side of the company, but once trued, these seem like solid wheels.

My other 'custom' wheels mostly came from Colorado Cyclist, which has been responsive, and those wheels have been holding up extremely well under my bulk. The lone exception is a set of 26" Clyde wheels from Velocity that I'm running on my converted Bianchi Ocelot.

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